Friday, July 06, 2007

The Six Signs...and more

Ya gotta love it!

Here's someone more snarky than me, and he's consistent about it too:

Now, click on the link and go read!

Mine's bigger!

And from Salt Lake City, the known center of the strange underwear universe, there this story about local cyclists and a proposed ban on tight, clingy bicycle shorts.

(By way of Dave Moulton's Bike Blog)

The writer, D. P. Sorensen, may be onto something. The decline of western civilization coincided with the introduction of Lycra as a substitute for good, honest wool in cycling clothing. That also involved the introduction of indexed shifting and a bewildering variety of gears rather than just the ten or so we really need. We cyclists are getting soft. Our civilization is at risk of being over-run by hordes of manpri-clad barbarians on single speeds!

And in other news....

Since I took vacation today, I did the Tour day Owasso, wandering around in search of yard sales. And I came home with some goodies!

I found a Wacom ET-0405-U tablet, a drawing input device, complete with pen and mouse. Also, the same people had MS reference books for Access 2000 and Visual Basic 6.0. I paid $5 for the lot! And the drawing device works!

Just imagine the trouble I can get into by drawing cartoons on the computer.



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