Sunday, March 25, 2007

Brake lights

Here's an interesting idea, though I'm not sure how useful it would be since I seldom use my rear brake. In fact, the nice old Mavic MA40 on the back of the commuter bike doesn't have any scoring from the brake pads, and it's been on there for a couple of years. Still, the development of cheap LEDs is a good sign.

From Smart Stuff:

Bicycle brake pads with LED brake light
Bicycle brake pads with LED brake light.
These are brake pads for ordinary "V" type bicycle brakes. Only they have a red LED light that lights up when you apply the brakes. The only back side is probably that they need batteries. Available from Swedish auto parts store Biltemas web shop for SEK 49:- (approx. USD 7:-) a pair. ( 27-287).



Blogger Paul Tay said...

Yep. With all manner of bike electronics coming on the market, we need some sort of an alternator/distributor device to power them all.

10:49 AM  

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